Dress Code

The following items are mandatory:

  • DDO swimsuit (high performance* suits accepted)
  • DDO swim cap
  • DDO T-shirt (short sleeve or long sleeve) or DDO sweatshirt
  • DDO shorts or DDO sweatpants

DDO tracksuit: Optional for all groups but recommended for Senior, 1A and 2A swimmers


  • Water: Swimmers may wear a swimsuit and swim cap of their choice. (No swim trunks or fashion suits)
  • Dryland: Athletes are required to wear a DDO-issued top, shorts or sweat pants and sneakers.

Swim Meets(At home and away)

  • In the Pool: Only the DDO swimsuit and the DDO swim cap are allowed. (high performance* suits accepted)
  • On Deck: Only DDO-issued clothing items are allowed.

Podium presentations

  • DDO Tracksuit for Senior, A1A and A2A swimmers.
  • DDO T-shirt or sweatshirt for swimmers of all other groups.

Travelling with the Team

  • Senior, 1A and 2A: swimmers should wear their DDO tracksuit when traveling with the Team. The DDO parka is optional.
  • Other Age Groups: swimmers are required to wear a DDO-issued top such as T-shirt, hoodie or the tracksuit when traveling with the Team.
  • Have enough DDO-issued clothing items to accommodate the entire trip.

* FINA Approved Swimwear


All available items are listed on this Order Form.

Dates, times and location of fittings are posted on the homepage in September.

If you have any questions about team wear or about your order, contact the Teamwear & Equipment Coordinator.

Swim Gear

It is now possible for DDO Swim Club members to order a selection of swim gear via AQUAM’s online store.

You may use the online store throughout the season. Orders will be delivered weekly at the swim club’s office.

To Order From The Online Store

  1. Create a user account with AQUAM:
    • you must provide the swimmer’s first and last names
    • you must use our access code DDO2015
  2. Once your account is created, choose the items you wish to buy and proceed with the payment.
    • Only credit card payments are supported
    • Orders will be shipped weekly.