Groups : Senior & 1A

Officials/Volunteers: contact by Monday, July 3rd.
Indicate the position you’d like, your child’s name and your availability.

* SNC warm up procedures will be in effect at this meet.

Warm ups
Heats : Thurs 4 pm / Fri, Sat, Sun 8 am
Finals : Fri, Sat, Sun 4 pm

• Results (CAMO)
Officials Results (Swimming Canada)
• Psych Sheet
• Technical Bulletin
• Timeline
DDO Entries (June 22)
Order of Events
Meet Information Package

Scratch Deadline: Friday, June 30th at noon.
To scratch, email Lydie Bernard, Team Manager.

Pool : Claude-Robillard Sports Complex
1000, av. Emile-Journault, Montréal, QC, H2M 2E7
T : 514-872-1715
Host Club : CAMO Natation

If you have any questions, contact Lydie Bernard, Team Manager.