The DDO Swim Club is organizing a sale of navel oranges and grapefruit to help you raise funds for swimming expenses.
We are offering all team members the opportunity to sell either full cases or half-cases of fruit.

Cost – Oranges
$54 per full case of 40 lbs (± 40)
$33 per half-case of 20 lbs

Cost – Grapefruit
$48 per full case of 40 lbs (± 32)
$30 per half-case of 20 lbs

Order Form (Further Info on p.2)
Drop off the order form and your cheque at the service counter by October 27th at the latest.

Pick up date : between Nov 20th and Dec 6th
All profits for each case sold will be returned to the swimmer at the end of the season.

For further information, e-mail Mrs. Madelene De Pede.