Results & Congratulations / Coupe du Québec / Montreal / Jul 13-16, 2017

Congratulations to the DDO « Quebec Cup » team!

Hugo Chaput : 1 bronze medal in the 200m IM

« A » Finals (Ranked 4th to 10th)
• Hugo Chaput : 400m IM, 1500m free
• Michael De Meo : 1500m free
• Philip Pieczko : 50m fly

« B » Finals (Ranked 11th to 20th)
• Michael De Meo : 100 & 200m breaststroke, 200m IM, 400m free
• Philip Pieczko : 100m fly, 100 & 200m free
• Hugo Chaput : 200m fly, 200m free
• Adrian Saplywyj : 50 & 100m free
• Florence Tourillon : 200m back
• Kaitlyn To : 200m back

Well done!

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Pool : Claude-Robillard Sports Complex
T : 514-872-1715
Host Club : CAMO Natation

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Results & Congratulations / « AAA » Summer Championships / Pointe Claire / July 7-8-9, 2017

Congratulations to all the swimmers of the DDO « AAA » Team!
Well done!

Special Mention
Francis Maziade achieved his CAN Easterns standard in the 200m fly (2:26.51) as well as swimming PBs in all his prelim and final events.
Rosalie Lambert-Crooks achieved her CAN Easterns standard in the 100m back (1:10.28).
Michael Kamaretsos and Carson McDougall-Vick swam PBs in all their events.

« A » Finalists (Ranked 4th to 10th)
Francis Maziade & Charlee LeGallais

« B » Finalists (Ranked 11th to 20th)
Charlee LeGallais, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Carson McDougall-Vick, Seth Cusson, Daria Bourdin, Kaitlyn To, Francis Maziade, Xavier Poupart, Michael Kamaretsos.

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Pool : Pointe Claire Aquatic Centre
T : 514-630-1202
Host Club : Pointe-Claire Swim Club

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Results & Congratulations / « AA » Summer Championships (West) / St-Hyacinthe / Jun 30 & Jul 1-2, 2017

Congratulations to the 20 swimmers making up the Dollard Team!
Well done!

Special Mention
Veronique Tchoukhovski achieved her AAA qualification.

Vanessa Joo : 1 Gold medals, 2 Silver & 1 Bronze
Juliette Duchesne : 1 Gold medal & 1 Silver
Vanessa Narducci : 1 Gold medal & 1 Silver
Liana Melo: 1 Gold medal
Veronique Tchoukhovski : 1 Gold medal
Julian Tzanetatos : 1 Silver medal
Alexandra Viscotchi : 1 Silver medal
John Bederian : 1 Bronze medal

Free Relay – 4x100m
Bronze : Christopher Ponton, Felipe Garcia, Abdelaziz Obey, John Bedirian.
Medley Relay – 4x50m
Silver : Vanessa Joo, Vanessa Narducci, Alexandra Viscotchi, Juliette Duchesne.
Bronze : Christopher Ponton, Abdelaziz Obey, Ali Dabayeh, John Bedirian.
Medley Relay – 4x100m
Silver : Vanessa Joo, Vanessa Narducci, Alexandra Viscotchi, Juliette Duchesne.
Bronze : John Bedirian, Ramzy Bishay, Felipe Garcia, Christopher Ponton.

Finalists (Ranked 4th to 8th)
Sophia Clavel, John Bedirian, Eliza Petrean, Abdelaziz Obey, Alexandra Viscotchi, Ramzy Bishay, Juliette Duchesne, Jonathan Zlotnikov, Vanessa Narducci, Christopher Ponton, Julian Tzanetatos, Vanessa Joo.

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Pool : Desjardins Aquatic Centre
T : 450-778-8335
Host Club : Club de natation de St-Hyacinthe

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Results & Congratulations / « Prov 11-12 » Summer Championships / Gatineau / June 16-17-18, 2017

Congratulations to the DDO Team on their performance this past weekend!
Well done!

David Narducci : 2 Gold medals (200m IM & 100m breast) & 1 Bronze (100m fly)

Ranked 4th to 8th
David Narducci : 4th in the 200m fly, 5th in the 400m IM & 6th in the 200m breast.
Shandor Korsos : 6th in the 200m IM & the 200m back.
Liam Golsse : 7th in the 200m back & 8th in the 100m back.

4x50m Free Relay
5th : Liam Golsse, Shandor Korsos, David Narducci, Ryland McDougall-Vick.

4x50m Medley Relay
4th :Liam Golsse, David Narducci, Shandor Korsos, Ryland McDougall-Vick.

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Hotel : Best Western Plus
131 rue Laurier, Gatineau, QC, J8X 3W3

Pool : Gatineau Sports Centre
T : 819-503-8500
Host Club : Natation Gatineau

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Results & Congratulations / TORP 13yrs+ & 12yrs(-) Invitationals / Repentigny / June 10-11, 2017

Congratulations to the following swimmers on achieving their next qualification.
Prov « AA » : Julian Tzanetatos and Ali Dabayeh
Prov 11-12 :
Kaira Onedamdy
Prov-Dev :
Abir Bensouda, Alexia Hatzinikolaou, Kiara Leahy.
Well done!

13yrs+ Meet
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12yrs(-) Meet
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Pool : Centre aquatique Jacques Dupuis
T : 450-470-3440
Host Club : Club Torpille de Repentigny

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Congratulations / The DDO Swim Club’s Annual Year-End Gala / May 31 & June 1st, 2017

Congratulations to the following swimmers, recipients of Special Awards and the Development Trophy presented at the DDO Swim Club’s annual year-end gala.

Senior Group
Most Valuable : Hugo Chaput
Most Improved : Alexandre Javier-Drouin
Most Dedicated : Florence Tourillon
Most Dedicated : Michael De Meo

Age Group 1A
Most Valuable : Xavier Poupart
Most Dedicated : Rosalie Lambert-Crooks
Most Dedicated : Alexandra Viscotchi

Age Group 1B
Most Valuable : Francis Maziade
Most Improved : Felipe Garcia
Most Dedicated : Anahita Molkaraei

Age Group 2A
Most Valuable : Charlee LeGallais
Most Improved : Vanessa Joo
Most Dedicated : Ève Rousseau
Most Dedicated : David Narducci

Age Group 2B
Most Valuable : Séréna Boivin
Most Improved : Chanel St-Yves
Most Dedicated : Keanu Onedamdy

“Overall Development Trophy” Winners
Girl : Emma Ponton
Boy : Lucas Morin

Development 1
Most Valuable : Rachel Daoust
Most Improved : Jason Deng
Most Dedicated : Nili Patel

Development 2
Most Valuable : Kelly Zhu
Most Improved : Alejandro Iadisernia
Most Dedicated : Erica De Carolis

Development 3
Most Valuable : Viktor Ferreira
Most Improved : Jana El-Salahi
Most Dedicated : Jacob Falvo-Schrider

Development 4
Most Valuable : Dimitris Makris
Most Improved : Malick Seye
Most Enthusiastic : Victoria Mazur
Most Enthusiastic : Mia Beaulieu

Most Valuable : Alexis Boivin
Most Improved : Hassan El-Salahi
Most Enthusiastic : Olivia Cullen

Have a great and safe summer!

Results & Congratulations / Regional Finals / Beaconsfield / Saturday, May 27, 2017

Congratulations to our team of 31 swimmers who represented the DDO Swim Club at the Regional Finals in Beaconsfield last Saturday.
Well done!

Luna Leduc : 2 Gold medals
Rose Vendette : 1 Gold medal & 1 Bronze
Lucas Morin : 1 Gold medal
Emma Ponton : 1 Gold medal
Sara Petrean : 1 Bronze medal
Emma Maiolo : 1 Bronze medal

Ranked 4th to 8th
Devin Nathan, David Kniazhevsky, Emma Maiolo, Dvita Patel, Jason Deng, Julia Randolph, Antoniu Oprea, Lucas Morin, Bryanna Dodds, Emma Campbell, Viktor Ferreira, Sam Eisenberg, Evan Hum, Nili Patel, Sofia Nalbandian, Ruijia Zhang, Meryem Askebi, Timothy Daoust, David Doubijanski, Dimitris Makris, Christopher Massouras, Jane Markus, Luca Beaulieu, Karim Rashwan.

4x50m Free Relay
Silver : Emma Campbell, Julia Randolph, Devin Nathan, Emma Ponton.
Silver : Viktor Ferreira, Karim Rashwan, David Kniazhevsky, Dimitris Makris.
5th : Timothy Daoust, Evan Hum, Luca Beaulieu, Jason Deng.

4x50m Medley Relay
Gold : Nili Patel, Ruijia Zhang, Rose Vendette, Luna Leduc.
Gold : David Kniazhevsky, Dimitris Makris, Viktor Ferreira, Karim Rashwan.
Silver : Sara Petrean, Emma Ponton, Devin Nathan, Julia Randolph.
Silver : Avery McDonald, Janita Patel, Emma Maiolo, Lily Ponton.

Results (BBF)
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Official Results of the Finals (Swimming Canada)
Results of the Semi-Finals (pdf) (CALAC)

Pool : Beaconsfield Recreation Centre
T : 514-428-4520
Host Club : Beaconsfield Bluefins

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