Groups : 2C, D1, D2, D3, D4, Pre-Dev
The 1st day of the meet determines the swimmer’s age. (Oct 28)

Officials/Volunteers: contact by Thursday, October 19th.
Indicate the position you’d like, your child’s name, and your availability.

* Bring a padlock to bolt your locker.
* Be on deck 15 minutes before your warm-up.
* Swimmers who leave the deck during the meet must first advise their coach.
* SNC warm up procedures will be in effect at this meet.

Warm Up – 2:00 pm (to be confirmed)

• Results (CALAC)
Official Results (Swimming Canada)
• Technical Bulletin
• Timeline
DDO Entries (Oct 17)
Order of Events
Meet Information Package
• Hallowe’en Theme

Pool : LaSalle Aquadome
1411, rue Lapierre, La Salle, QC, H8N 2J4
T : 514-367-6460
Host Club : CALAC Swim Club

If you have any questions, click here.