Congratulations to the following swimmers on reaching their next qualification:
« Coupe QC » : Rosalie Lambert-Crooks
« AAA » : Laryssa Luszczki & Vanessa Narducci.
Well done!

Special Mention
Achieved PBs in all their events: Daria Bourdin, Francis Maziade, Ella Kunz, Pénélope Audet, Charlee LeGallais, Xavier Poupart.

Charlee LeGallais : 3 Silver medals & 1 Bronze
Hugo Chaput : 2 Silver medals
Kaitlyn To : 2 Bronze medals
Michael De Meo : 2 Bronze medals
And 1 Bronze medal : Maggie Robertson, Adrian Saplywyj, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Xavier Poupart.

4x50m Free Relay
Silver : Vanessa Joo, Maggie Robertson, Charlee Legallais, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks.
4x50m Medley Relay
Silver : Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Maggie Robertson, Charlee Legallais, Vanessa Joo.
Mixed 4x50m Relays
Free : 4th : Adrian Saplywyj, Hugo Chaput, Florence Tourillon, Kaitlyn To.
Medley : 3rd : Kaitlyn To, Michael De Meo, Hugo Chaput, Florence Tourillon.

« A » Finalists
Michael De Meo, Florence Tourillon, Hugo Chaput, Maggie Robertson, Adrian Saplywyj, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Carson McDougall-Vick, Seth Cusson, Daria Bourdin, Xavier Poupart, Kaitlyn To, Chloë Malikotsis, Charlee LeGallais, Vanessa Joo, Veronique Tchoukhovski, Laiya Clerveaux, Jonathan Javier-Drouin.
« B » Finalists
Andrew Perez, Vanessa Joo, Kaitlyn To, Veronique Tchoukhovski, Jonathan Javier-Drouin, Charlee LeGallais, Daria Bourdin, Christopher Ponton, Juliette Duchesne, Seth Cusson, Xavier Poupart, Hugo Chaput, Michael De Meo, EmilieMerklein, Ella Kunz, Maggie Robertson, Alexandra Viscotchi, Lambert-Crooks, Chloë Malikotsis.

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Pool : Olympic Park Sports Centre / 514-252-4141 x5550
Host Club : Neptune Natation
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