Congratulations to the 32 swimmers on the DDO Team! Well done!

Special Mention
◊ Lucas Morin ranked first in his 3 events.
The following achieved P.Bs in all their individual events :
Vincent Trinh, Ruixuan Zhang, Sofia Jaramillo-Rincon, Jacob Falvo-Schrider, Justin Parent, Marycka McNally, Joshua Guzman, Liana Froundjian, David Circo, Beya Kefi.

Lucas Morin : 3 Gold medals
Sophia Christodoulopoulos : 1 Silver medal

4x50m Free Relay
Silver : Lucas Morin, Luka Pagel, David Circo, Joshua Guzman

Also scored Points (ranked 4th to 10th)
Sophia Christodoulopoulos, Christina Petropoulos, Liana Froundjian, Dimitris Makris, Janita Patel, Pierre Gerges, Emma Maiolo, David Circo, Luka Pagel, Joshua Guzman.

4x50m Free Relays
4th : Christina Petropoulos, Emma Maiolo, Marycka McNally, Sophia Christodoulopoulos
8th : Pierre Gerges, Dimitris Makris, Matthew Nykanorov, Justin Parent

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Pool : Claude-Robillard Sports Complex (514-872-1715)
Hosted by : CAMO Natation and ANBM
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