Congratulations to the 20 swimmers representing the Dollard Team, ranking 10th overall.
Well done!

* The following swimmers achieved their Prov-Dev qualification:
Avery MacDonald, Ruixuan Zhang, Trevor Slee, Liana Froundjian, Evan Huang.

Special Mention
* Lucas Morin won Gold in his eight events.
* Achieved Personal Best times in all their events : Christina Petropoulos, Liana Froundjian, Ruixuan Zhang, Evan Huang, Vincent Trinh.

Lucas Morin : 8 Gold medals

The following swimmers ranked 4th to 16th for more points:
Christina Petropoulos, Matthew Nykanorov, Liana Froundjian, Vincent Trinh, Trevor Slee, Emma Maiolo.

6th – 4x50m Free Women : Marycka McNally, Nicola Johnson, Emma Maiolo, Christina Petropoulos.
9th – 4x50m Medley Men : Luka Pagel, Tyler Goldsmith, Lucas Morin, Brian Qiyong Mo.
10th – 4x50m Free Men : Lucas Morin, Tyler Goldsmith, Brian Qiyong Mo, Luka Pagel.
11th – 4x50m Medley Women : Nicola Johnson, Victoria Mazur, Emma Maiolo, Marycka McNally.

Results (ESWIM)
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Pool : Etobicoke Olympium (416-394-8111)
Host Club : Etobicoke Swimming
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