Congratulations to the following swimmers on reaching their next qualification.
« AA » : Sacha Hannah and Alexander Petropoulos.
« Prov 11-12 » : Ruijia Zhang, Alexia Hatzinikolaou, Matthew Fontaine, Alexandra Abcarius, Bryanna Dodds, Leila Mansour.

Special Mention
The following swimmers achieved Personal Best Times (PB) in all their events:
Zachary McNally, Cassidy Thompson, Olivier Therien, Makenna Depage, Alexandar Iliev, Elizabeth Mallais, Daniel Parisien, Mohamed Meddah, Alexandra Abcarius, Timothy Daoust, Justin Chohan, Leila Mansour, Justin Desrochers, Alexia Hatzinikolaou, Ruijia Zhang, Zoe Hadziaras, Mathias Morin, Oliver Papp, Anahita Molkaraei, Liam Golsse, Keanu Onedamdy, Devin Nathan.
Well done!

Results (GAMIN)
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Official Results (Swimming Canada)

Pool : Complexe récréoaquatique de Blainville / 450-434-5205
Host Club : GAMIN
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