Congratulations to the 20 swimmers who represented the Dollard Team at the AA Champs! Well done!

Special Mention
David Narducci on achieving his « AAA » qualification.
Ella Kunz and Cassandra Ercoli both achieved Personal Best Times in all their events.

David Narducci : 1 Gold medal & 4 Bronze
Ramzy Bishay : 1 Gold medal & 1 Bronze
Juliette Duchesne : 1 Gold medal
Mathias Morin : 1 Gold medal
Alexandra Viscotchi : 2 Silver medals & 1 Bronze

Medley Relay – 4x50m
Gold : Christopher Ponton, Ramzy Bishay, Mathias Morin, Jonathan Zlotnikov
Bronze : Alexandra Viscotchi, Juliette Duchesne, Laryssa Luszczki, Sophia Clavel
Free Relay – 4x50m
Gold : Juliette Duchesne, Penelope Audet, Sophia Clavel, Alexandra Viscotchi
Mixed Medley Relay – 4x100m
Bronze : Alexandra Viscotchi, David Narducci, Juliette Duchesne, Oliver Papp

Finalists (Ranked 4th to 10th)
Alexandra Viscotchi, Christopher Ponton, Ella Kunz, Laryssa Luszczki, Mathias Morin, Juliette Duchesne, Ramzy Bishay, Shandor Korsos, Sophia Clavel, David Narducci, Felipe Garcia, Justin Desrochers, Cassandra Ercoli, Julianne Simard.

Results (GAMIN) / [app]
Official Results (Swimming Canada)

Pool : Complexe récréoaquatique de Blainville (450-434-5205)
Host Club : GAMIN
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