Congratulations to the DDO swimmers who represented the Club at this meet.
Well done!
Top 8 – Overall Points
Girls 13-14 yrs old – Cassandra Ercoli (1st), Anna Mazur (6th), Chanel St-Yves (7th), Kristine Tekeyan (8th).
Boys 13-14 yrs old – Sacha Hannah (2nd), Raed Youssef (3rd), Tom Brichko (4th).
Girls 11-12 yrs old – Paola Tekeyan (2nd), Naomi Morais-Nukumizu (5th), Emma Ponton (7th), Rachel Daoust (8th).
Boys 11-12 yrs old – Ryland McDougall-Vick (3rd), Keanu Onedamdy (5th), David Ganta (7th).

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Pool : Beaconsfield Recreation Centre (514-428-4520)
Host Club : Beaconsfield Bluefins
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