Jeux du Québec / Thetford Mines / Aug 1-4, 2018

Congratulations to the three swimmers from DDO! Well done!

Special Mention
Vanessa Joo : 1 Silver medal in the 100m free and achieved her QC Cup qualification.
Maggie Robertson : added the 200m back to her QC Cup qualifications.
Both Maggie and Vanessa had second swims in all their events.
Charlee LeGallais : placed 6th in the 5K and 10th in the 2K open water.

4x50m Free Relay
Silver : Alyssa Ball (BBF), Vanessa Joo (DDO), Emma Mier (DSC), Maggie Robertson (DDO).
4x50m Medley Relay
4th place : Vanessa Joo (DDO), Maggie Robertson (DDO), Natasha Frost (PCSC), Olivia Lam (CSLA).

DDO Swimmers : Maggie Robertson & Vanessa Joo
Venue : Polyvalent de Thetford Mines / 561 St-Patrick, Thetford Mines, QC
1st Warm up : 7:45 am

Open Water
DDO Swimmer : Charlee LeGallais
Waters : Domaine Option Nature / 755, 9e Rue S, Thetford Mines, QC
Numbering & Warm Up : 8:45 to 9:45 am

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Timeline & Results
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« AA » Summer Championships (West) / St-Eustache / July 13-15, 2018

Congratulations to the 19 members of the DDO « AA » Team!
Well done!

Special Mention
Cassandra Ercoli and Mathias Morin achieved their « AAA » qualification.

Mathias Morin : 3 Gold medals
Cassandra Ercoli : 1 Gold medal & 1 Silver
Pénélope Audet : 1 Silver medal
Jonathan Zlotnikov : 1 Bronze medal

« A » Finalists (Ranked 4th to 10th)
Ella Kunz, Naomi Morais-Nukumizu, Sophia Clavel, Pénélope Audet, Christopher Ponton, Cassandra Ercoli, Jonathan Zlotnikov, Ali Dabayeh, Shandor Korsos, Mathias Morin, Julien Salois.

« B » Finalists (Ranked 11th to 20th)
Sophia Clavel, Christopher Ponton, Cassandra Ercoli, Jonathan Zlotnikov, Ève Rousseau, Naomi Morais-Nukumizu, Ella Kunz, Shandor Korsos, Ali Dabayeh.

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Pool : St-Eustache Aquatic Complex (450-974-5111)
230 Arthur-Sauvé, Saint-Eustache QC J7R 2H9
Host Club : Club aquatique St-Eustache
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« AAA » Summer Championships / Quebec City / July 5-8, 2018

Congratulations to all the swimmers of the DDO « AAA » Team!
Well done!

Special Mention
The following made it to A or B finals in all their individual events.
Vanessa Joo , Maggie Robertson, Charlee LeGallais.
Vanessa also swam PB times in all her events; prelims & finals.

« A » Finalists (Ranked 4th to 10th)
Vanessa Joo, Charlee LeGallais, Maggie Robertson, Xavier Poupart, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Seth Cusson, Daria Bourdin, Vanessa Narducci.

« B » Finalists (Ranked 11th to 20th)
Charlee LeGallais, Xavier Poupart, Maggie Robertson, Vanessa Joo, Carson McDougall-Vick, Seth Cusson, Daria Bourdin, Emilie Merklein.

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Pool – LC : P.E.P.S. de l’Université Laval
2300 de la Terrasse, Université Laval, Québec, QC, G1V 0A6
Host Club : C.N. Région de Québec
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2018 L’International SAMAK (LC) / Parc Jean-Drapeau / June 22-24, 2018

Congratulations to all the DDO swimmers who attended this meet.
Well done!

Special Mention
Samuele De Cosmo achieved his « AA » qualification.

Hugo Chaput : 1 Gold medal
Emilie Merklein : 1 Gold medal
Christopher Ponton : 1 Silver medal
Maggie Robertson : 3 Bronze medals
Michael De Meo : 1 Bronze medal
Ramzy Bishay : 1 Bronze medal

« A » Finalists
Adrian Saplywyj, Maggie Robertson, Vanessa Joo, Charlee LeGallais, Alexandre Javier-Drouin, Christopher Ponton, Ramzy Bishay, Hugo Chaput, Daria Bourdin, Emilie Merklein, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Xavier Poupart.

« B » Finalists
Xavier Poupart, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Adrian Saplywyj, Alexandre Javier-Drouin, Hugo Chaput, Daria Bourdin, Seth Cusson, Charlee LeGallais, Francis Maziade, Carson McDougall-Vick, Alexandra Viscotchi.

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Pool – LC : Parc Jean-Drapeau Aquatic Complex, L’Île Ste-Hélène
Host Club : Club de natation SAMAK
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« Prov 11-12 » Summer Championships / Gatineau / June 16-17, 2018

Congratulations to the 20 swimmers representing the DDO Swim Club at this Championship!
Many personal best times were achieved by the whole team in individual events.
Well done!
Special Mention
Carson McDougall-Vick ranked 9th in the 100m back.

DDO Swimmers’ Results and Rankings
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DDO Entries (June 8)

Pool : Gatineau Sports Centre (819-503-8500)
850, boul. de la Gappe, Gatineau, QC, J8T 0B4
Host Club : Natation Gatineau
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Regional Finals / St-Laurent / Sunday June 10, 2018

Congratulations to the swimmers who represented DDO at the Regional Finals!
Well Done!

Special Mention
Mia Beaulieu achieved her Prov-Dev qualification.

Lucas Morin : 2 Gold medals
Sophia Christodoulopoulos : 2 Silver medals
Antonio Oprea : 1 Silver medal
Lola Hatzinikolaou : 1 Silver medal
Christopher Massouras : 1 Silver medal
Gia De Rosa : 1 Silver medal
Matthew Nykanorov : 2 Bronze medals
Liana Froundjian : 1 Bronze medal

4x50m Medley Relays
Silver : Vincent Trinh, Zachary Younsi, Alexis Boivin, Matthew Nykanorov.
Silver : Louis Trotier, Antoniu Oprea, Christopher Massouras, David Circo.
Bronze : Lola Hatzinikolaou, Sophia Christodoulopoulos, Liana Froundjian, Mia Beaulieu.
Exh. 3rd : Nicola Johnson, Emma Maiolo, Christina Petropoulos, Mia Beaulieu.

Ranked 4th to 8th
Rachel Guzman, David Circo, Luka Pagel, Yasmine Hallé, Joshua Guzman, Zachary Younsi, Vincent Trinh, Liana Froundjian, Louis Trotier, Ky Huu Nguyen, Christina Petropoulos, Mia Beaulieu, Sofia Nalbandian, Ruixuan Zhang, Alexis Boivin.

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DDO Entries Confirmed

Pool : St-Laurent Sports Complex (514-855-6110)
2385 Thimens Blvd, Saint-Laurent, QC, H4R 1T4
Host Club : Club de natation Saint Laurent
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