As per Club Policy

    • Participation in competitions is mandatory unless there is a major reason for an absence.
    • Swimmers are automatically entered in meets for which they are eligible unless we are otherwise advised by the scratch deadline date.
    • Swimmers will not be entered in a competition if they have not ordered or do not already have the current DDO uniform.
    • Swimmers will not be allowed to participate at a competition if they do not abide by the Dress Code/Team Wear policy.
    • Swimmers with a poor meet-attendance record risk having their membership withdrawn the following season.
    • If your child is unable to attend a scheduled meet, please advise us by the scratch deadline date indicated in the notice posted on the homepage of this website.
    • Definite warm-up times, directions to the meet and all other pertinent information will be posted on our website a few days before each meet.

A swimmer whose account is in arrears or who defaults on any payment will not be entered in subsequent meets until the balance due is paid in full.