Congratulations to the following recipients of Special Awards and the Development Trophy presented at the DDO Swim Club’s Year-End Gala.

Senior Group
Most Valuable : Alexandre Javier-Drouin
Most Improved : Xavier Poupart
Most Dedicated : Hugo Chaput

Age Group 1A
Most Valuable : Charlee LeGallais
Most Improved : Ella Kunz
Most Dedicated : Emilie Merklein & Maggie Robertson

Age Group 1B
Most Valuable : David Narducci
Most Improved : Julien Salois
Most Dedicated : Anna Mazur

Age Group 2A
Most Valuable : Ryland McDougall-Vick
Most Improved : Cassandra Ercoli
Most Dedicated : Naomi Morais-Nukumizu

Age Group 2B
Most Valuable : Ruijia Zhang
Most Improved : Alexandra Abcarius
Most Dedicated : José-Joao Perez-Florez

Age Group 2C
Most Valuable : Alexandre Coutu
Most Dedicated : Gia De Rosa
Most Dedicated : Yasmine Hallé

“Overall Development Trophy” Winners
Girl : Julia Randolph
Boy : Lucas Morin

Development 1
Most Valuable : Sara Petrean
Most Improved : Fiona Leggett
Most Dedicated : Luka Pagel

Development 2
Most Valuable : Emma Maiolo
Most Improved : Sophia Christodoulopoulos
Most Dedicated : Jacob Falvo-Schrider

Development 3
Most Valuable : Dimitris Makris
Most Improved : Anas Abd El Fatah & Yi Ru Lin
Most Dedicated : Ruixuan Zhang

Development 4
Most Valuable : Vincent Trinh
Most Improved : Liana Froundjian
Most Enthusiastic : Alexis Boivin

Most Valuable : Diran Nazarian
Most Dedicated : Olivia Guzman
Most Dedicated : Stella Kalli

Have a great and safe summer!