(2C), (D1)-D2-D3-D4 & Pre-Dev
Last practice on Saturday, June 9th according to each group’s weekly schedule.
Last meet : Regional Finals in St-Laurent, June 10th (Finalists)

(1B) – (2A) – (2B)
Last practice on Friday, June 8th
Last meet : TORP Invitational & BBQ / June 9-10

Sr, Sr-B, 1A, (1B), (2A), (2B), (2C), (D1)
Training ends the day prior to the Championship for which you qualify:

Prov 11-12 ans : June 16-17 (departure June 15th)
Coupe du QC – Summer : June 28th to July 1st
AAA Champs : July 5-8
AA Champs : July 13-15

Information for the 2018-19 season will be e-mailed to members around mid-July.

Have a great summer!