Congratulations to the swimmers who represented DDO at the Regional Finals!
Well Done!

Special Mention
Mia Beaulieu achieved her Prov-Dev qualification.

Lucas Morin : 2 Gold medals
Sophia Christodoulopoulos : 2 Silver medals
Antonio Oprea : 1 Silver medal
Lola Hatzinikolaou : 1 Silver medal
Christopher Massouras : 1 Silver medal
Gia De Rosa : 1 Silver medal
Matthew Nykanorov : 2 Bronze medals
Liana Froundjian : 1 Bronze medal

4x50m Medley Relays
Silver : Vincent Trinh, Zachary Younsi, Alexis Boivin, Matthew Nykanorov.
Silver : Louis Trotier, Antoniu Oprea, Christopher Massouras, David Circo.
Bronze : Lola Hatzinikolaou, Sophia Christodoulopoulos, Liana Froundjian, Mia Beaulieu.
Exh. 3rd : Nicola Johnson, Emma Maiolo, Christina Petropoulos, Mia Beaulieu.

Ranked 4th to 8th
Rachel Guzman, David Circo, Luka Pagel, Yasmine Hallé, Joshua Guzman, Zachary Younsi, Vincent Trinh, Liana Froundjian, Louis Trotier, Ky Huu Nguyen, Christina Petropoulos, Mia Beaulieu, Sofia Nalbandian, Ruixuan Zhang, Alexis Boivin.

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Host Club : Club de natation Saint Laurent
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