Congratulations to all DDO swimmers on their performance this past weekend.
Many personal bests were achieved. Well done!

Special Mention
* Medalled and/or made finals in all their events : Charlee Le Gallais, Carson McDougall-Vick, Michael De Meo, Christopher Ponton.
* PBs in all their events : Jonathan Zlotnikov, Ruijia Zhang, Rose Vendette, Paola Tekeyan, Kristine Tekeyan, Matthew Simonetta, Julien Salois, Emma Ponton, Alexander Petropoulos, José-Joao Perez-Florez, Oliver Papp, Devin Nathan, Mathias Morin, Naomi Morais-Nukumizu, Anna Messiha, Keona Melo, Roei Liberman, Charlee LeGallais, Luna Leduc, Kiara Leahy, Ella Kunz, David Ganta, Lily Galperin, Cassandra Ercoli, Bryanna Dodds, Justin Desrochers, Jason Deng, Samuele De Cosmo, Timothy Daoust, Rachel Daoust, Elizabeth Conway, George Clavel.
* The following swimmers achieved their next qualification:
« QC Cup » : Seth Cusson.
« AAA »: Vanessa Joo, Carson McDougall-Vick.
« AA » : Justin Desrochers, Samuele De Cosmo.
« Prov 11-12 »: Keona Melo, Chanel St-Yves, Rose Vendette.
« Prov-Dev »: Alexia Hatzinikolaou, Elizabeth Conway.

Charlee LeGallais : 2 Gold medals
Kaitlin To : 1 Gold medal, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze
Rosalie Lambert-Crooks : 3 Silver medals
Cassandra Ercoli : 2 Silver medals
Chloë Malikotsis : 1 Silver medal & 1 Bronze
Ryland McDougall-Vick : 1 Silver medal
Carson McDougall-Vick : 2 Bronze medals
Mathias Morin : 2 Bronze medals
And 1 Bronze medal : Veronique Tchoukhovski, Naomi Morais-Nukumizu, Rachel Daoust, Daria Bourdin, David Narducci, Michael De Meo.

Free Relays (4x50m)
Gold : Maggie Robertson, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Vanessa Joo, Charlee LeGallais.
Bronze : Cassandra Ercoli, Emma Ponton, Rachel Daoust, Paola Tekeyan.
Bronze : Carson McDougall-Vick, Liam Golsse, Shandor Korsos, Christopher Ponton.

Medley Relays (4 x 50m)
Gold : Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Charlee LeGallais, Maggie Robertson, Vanessa Joo.
Silver : Carson McDougall-Vick, David Narducci, Mathias Morin, Christopher Ponton.

Also scored for the team : (Ranked 4th to 8th)
Christopher Ponton, Michael De Meo, Charlee LeGallais, Carson McDougall-Vick, Veronique Tchoukhovski, Xavier Poupart, Ryland McDougall-Vick, Alexandre Javier-Drouin, Maggie Robertson, David Narducci, Naomi Morais-Nukumizu, Hugo Chaput, Emilie Merklein, Shandor Korsos, Seth Cusson, Cassandra Ercoli, Daria Bourdin, Vanessa Joo, Chloë Malikotsis, Jonathan Zlotnikov, Ramzy Bishay, Michael Kamaretsos, Matthew Simonetta, Emma Ponton, Devin Nathan, Ruijia Zhang, David Ganta, Justin Desrochers, Florence Tourillon, Philip Pieczko, Liam Golsse, Rosalie Lambert-Crooks, Kaitlin To, Rachel Daoust.

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Official Results (Swimming Canada)

Hotel : Hôtellerie Jardins de Ville
Pool : C.S. Université Sherbrooke
Host Club : Club de natation Sherbrooke
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